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Want to get your deck ready for those beautiful summer days? All your deck needs is a facelift and we’re here to help you!

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Whether you want to stain or paint your outdoor space, we have the right crew to help you throughout the process.  The prep is a very essential step for the renovation of your deck and a lot of factors must be considered prior such as the weather, condition of the wood, wood repair, and replacement pieces.  We  guarantee you the results will be optimal.

Cleanest Painting LLC
Cleanest Painting LLC

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Don’t be shy! Tell us exactly how you feel about your deck. The more we know, the better results we can present to you. Do you now what your deck is made out of? Is it pressure treat pine? Cedar? Vinyl? Redwood? or other composed materials? We need to strip or renew the wood before painting or staining therefore understanding the  material of the wood will help us achieve permanent and consistent results.

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Weather plays a big role in the prepping process for Wood Deck Finishing and Restoration. We aim for a 50-90 degree weather in order to properly give the wood a 24-hour dry-time window. Humidity simply prolongs the drying time. We examine all deck conditions such as rotted pointing screws, missing boards, wet wood, rotted railings and the list goes on. This way we can assess the project and determine the best restoration options for your deck.

Cleanest Painting LLC

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