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Different styles for living rooms

The trends in living rooms nowadays are very varied. We are in a very interesting time for interior decoration; and there is a wide variety of decorative styles to choose from. Today we will show you different styles for living rooms, especially the most used, those that flood the interior design magazines and Instagram accounts.

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The irresistible Niksen style

You may not be familiar with it, but the Niksen style is a trend. These environments offer a relaxing atmosphere; and it is that what this aesthetic seeks is that people are involved in a cozy space. Niksen comes from Dutch and means something like “do nothing”. This style aims to create spaces where we do not have to worry about anything. Spaces where we can meditate and relax our mind.

Las casas estilo Niksen suelen tener cierto parecido a las de estilo escandinavo. Paletas de colores neutros en el que el blanco es el favorito; y es que la luz también importa, y mucho. También podemos encontrar materiales naturales como la madera, tanto en suelos como en muebles, eso sí, sin tratar o casi sin barniz. Otro elemento natural de lo más común en esta estética son los textiles como el lino.

Cleanest Painting LLC

We know that of all of us, this may be the decorative style we are least familiar with. However, there are companies like Myhomedesigners that create Moodboards or inspiration boards to make things easier.

Based on the style we choose, which can be this or another, they will send you 2 inspiration boards that will include between 6 and 8 decorative objects to include in your room. A creative process in which you yourself collaborate by Whatsapp with the interior designer for 3 to 5 days to choose the most suitable design.