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Confident. Clean. And On Time Every time. Cleanest Painting NJ. Feel free to explore our selection of highly sought-after services that will have your house glowing and looking like an HGTV commercial. With Cleanest you will feel proud, excited, and look forward to coming home.

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Don’t forget, We are excited to work with you as you are to brighten up your home with fresh paint and a fresh outlook! Call for a free consultation today and see how Cleanest Painting can get you feeling Confident, Courageous with Color, and Excited to Revamp Your Home Today!

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Have Peace of Mind in Painting. Professional Hassle-Free Service. Cleanest Painting NJ.

Refresh your home with a new Interior Painting job courtesy of Cleanest Painting. We work with you to decide the best color combo, interior design preference and time management to ensure you get the best deal with high-quality service. Our paint is certified to last and will revamp any space. Our quick drying technology promises a no-mess stress and vibrant colors that will make you feel like an HGTV model. Our excellent results come from our in-depth painting preparation process. Pre painting, sanding, clearing off furniture or walls, and taking the time to fill any cracks, is what sets us apart from any other goal-oriented painting company. We take the time, so we don’t take your time.

House looking a little dull? Want to throw some shine while boosting your curb appeal? You love a trip to the spa, well so does your house!


Cleanest Painting’s Team of Highly Skilled Professional Painters are ready to get your house gleaming with a fresh coat of outdoor paint!


We assist with choosing paint colors, scheduling, and the experienced application process so that revamping your home is easy and fun!


Exterior colors that match your taste and personality. Define your style while still looking good and enhancing the architecture of your house. Don’t hire inexperienced freelancers to do what a team is needed for. Free consultations are available to assess the statute of your house and whether or not it may be in need of any extra services like power washing. But don’t worry, we do that too.


That mildew starting to get a little more noticeable? Cleanest Painting has got you covered. We assess all houses of all sizes to ensure you get the squeaky-clean results you have been looking for. Wood Siding + Paneling: No Problem. Our experts are skilled in different types of houses and their sidings to promise you the best cleaning techniques for each house.

Why Pressure Wash?

Pressure Washing is proven to increase your home value by up to $15000! With our affordable rates, choosing Cleanest to help with your power washing needs is an easy decision. Not only this! But pressure washing can rid your house of pesky allergies mold, mildew, dirt, allergies, and other pollutants that can have a long-lasting and detrimental effect on your health. We suggest skipping the trip to the doctor and investing in high-quality power washing at an affordable price. Cleanest Painting. Cleanest genuinely is our name.

Kitchen Paint

Let me guess, you saw a new episode of Property Brothers. We got it, we saw it too. But instead of pouring thousands of dollars into ripping up your countertops, how about starting out with a fresh coat of paint?


Repainting a Kitchen is an affordable and tactful way to liven up a room without dumping thousands of dollars into it. Colors are known to have an impact on our psychology. So, there is no reason, your kitchen doesn’t deserve a little loving too.  Maybe a calming deep blue? Or a friendly good morning yellow? Our painters at Cleanest are excited to get you in on your free consultation and working towards a brighter kitchen today.
Stop buying sticky wallpaper from amazon that will make your cabinets look dusty and cheap. Renovating your kitchen does not have to be stressful or
complicated. Our Cleanest Consultants are experts in choosing the right finish, deciding appropriate color combos, and managing schedule needs. You get to decide how you want your dream kitchen to look, we’re just here to help. Think of us as dream builders. Free quotes available now!