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How to match floor and door painting colors

When renovating a house, there are many aspects that we must take into account. Combining materials and colors is, without a doubt, one of them. Let’s think about two essential elements in every house, such as the flooring and carpentry.

Here we will show you how to combine the color of the floor and the doors to achieve different effects

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With which carpentry best combines the hydraulic floors

There are homes in which the pavement is the absolute protagonist. Striking floors with colors or with ornamentation, as in the case of the hydraulic type floors that are so popular nowadays.

In these cases, it is necessary to pay attention and not to place interior doors without thinking it through before, because it would be a big mistake. The protagonist is the floor, let’s treat it as such. Let’s choose the doors based on the floor covering, choosing the color from the tiles. A neutral color, such as white, will not saturate and will let the eyes fall on what we are most interested in, what is under our feet.

Floors and doors of the same color in your home can be a good option when painting and remodeling on nj

In smaller spaces, the feeling of continuity can be very interesting. Not that it is only suitable for small houses, because the truth is that, by achieving continuity, nothing will be out of place or stand out above the other elements. In these environments, it is ideal that the walls, floors and doors have a connection.

How do we achieve this? Very simple, looking for floors and doors with the same color. We can, for example, place white floors and white lacquered doors. Also in gray or wood. In these cases, the decorative protagonist will be the furniture.

Doors that contrast with all paint colors.

If what you are looking for is to surprise, nothing like doing it through the carpentry. For this, you can choose doors that contrast a lot with the floor and also with the walls.

Cleanest Painting LLC Generally we usually recommend and it works very well the dark colored doors, such as black. If we opt for them, we can maintain a bright tone in walls and floor, the latter in both wood and porcelain.

Doors that contrast with all paint colors.