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Wallpaper contractor Services

Wallpaper contractors are in high demand. Homeowners are selecting wallpaper over paint as the new interior decorating style. It’s easy to install and doesn’t require a lot of experience. However, most people do not have the time or patience to deal with it. Wallpaper contractors are often booked out weeks in advance. If you’re a wallpaper contractor, it’s your chance to start making money without having to manage the business side of things.


Wallpaper removal Services

Removing wallpaper is a hassle. But with our professional wallpaper removal services, homeowners can save time and money by hiring us to do the dirty work for them. Our company has been in the business of removing wallpaper for over 5 years and have removed over 4 million square feet of wallpaper.

Cleanest Painting llc can remove wallpaper in any room in your home, including those that are hard to reach. 

nj Wallpaper Installation Process

Wallpaper NJ installation is a tedious process that, if not done properly, can result in uneven surfaces, peeling wallpaper, and other problems. As with painting, surface preparation is key to a quality, professional job. Wallpaper hangers prepare the wall surface before hanging paper by smoothing texture bumps, filling in minor cracks in the wall and filling the nail holes. They also apply a primer and a wash coat to prepare the paper for hanging. This preparatory work ensures that the finished product will be

we can help you

Wallpaper installation is tedious and time consuming. It can take up to 10 hours for an inexperienced installer, and it can be a very frustrating process. Not only does our company offer a wallpaper installation service, we also sell high quality wallpaper from our online store. We’re committed to making wallpaper installation easy, quick, and affordable for the masses!

the best walpaper designs

With thousands of beautiful wallpaper design options to choose from, but no time to browse them all, we’ll find the perfect wallpaper for you. All you need to do is tell us your preferences and we’ll do the rest. Whether it’s a minimalist design with muted colors or a bold pattern that matches your personality, we’ve got you covered.


wallpaper installation services

Wallpaper services have never been easier. Our solution offers a hassle-free, eco-friendly, walpaper removal. Hundreds of residential and commercial customers have benefitted from our services and are raving about the quality and workmanship we provide. Plus, we offer a 100% no-fault guarantee.

Do painters install wallpaper?

Do painters install wallpaper? In a nutshell, yes! That’s why it’s so important to find the best wallpaper for your space – before you buy. We make it easy by providing our customers with personalized designs and color recommendations based on their preferences, needs, and budget.

Bathrooms wallpaper

We sell you high-quality, eco-friendly wallpaper that will transform any bathroom into your personal spa and oasis. Our wallpaper can be put up in any bathroom, no matter the size or shape. The wallpaper is non-toxic and easy to install, and looks great on any wall.

Living & Dining Rooms

We’re offering a variety of designs to suit any taste. From accent walls, to wallpapers, we have something for everyone! All of our designs are made in New Jersey and are printed on premium material.


One of the best ways to add a little extra character to homes is by adding wallpaper behind open cabinets. It’s an inexpensive, chic way to add a little personality to your kitchen. The problem is that it’s difficult to find wallpaper that fits in the space and doesn’t cost a fortune. That’s where we come in. We offer a wide selection of wallpaper that fits in any space and at any price point.